Saturday, March 21, 2009


The following article is a bit of a preview.......another relic unpacked. I will have to figure out all the formatting etc, etc, - but the fact that I successfully scanned this old magazine is HUGE. Well, it is for me anyway. My virgin scan - WOOHOO. So, enjoy the story on Grandma Carrie and I'll get back to the studio and back to work !


This was a story written about Carolyn when she retired in 1960 after 40 years in the millinery business........of course she opened another shop 5 or 6 years later - she couldn't help herself ! It was in her blood.

Yes, I was the small artist in the story - and I clearly remember some of those hats. I certainly remember those angels - symmetrically spaced (that's the designer) on either side of the Star , hovering over the manger, wearing glorious, matching white hats with feathers and long ribbons (that's the milliner) !

And those Pilgrims! Turkey feathers EVERYWHERE.

I had originally cropped these articles but decided it was an added treat to see the 1960 advertisements.

Bring back this bathing suit !

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Watch for the grand re-opening of Carolyn Hats

I am excited - hope you will be back!